Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Moth or the Flame

Title: the Moth or the Flame
Dimensions: 6"x9"x.5625"
Specifications: Beautiful hardbound book of comics
Description: The realm of the divine has always been a nebulous one. Fraught with peril it is always dangerous to provoke. Love itself is such a volatile divine power. When Tempest McGillicutty, a tea cup headed tycoon, and Tealeaf Wallowrose, a pretty lawyer with fashionable ambitions, meet at an extravagant party the murky abysmal waters of divinity are disturbed. The subsequent ripples will inextricably involve Tempest and Tealeaf in a relationship of profound import and vital implications.

Who is to blame in this game, the moth or the flame? What comes of an invigorating, but doomed, relationship if not a kind of psychic sacrifice and rebirth? Who lives in the Tower of Knowledge? What feeds the Tree of Life?

These are questions not adequately answered by “the Moth or the Flame,” but answers are oft hard to come by. When they do come they are generally hard won and rarely fixed. It is this mutable realm of truth whose surface is scratched in “the Moth or the Flame.”

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